About Me

My name is David Wren and I’m a Craft-Beer-aholic. Whew, it feels so good to finally get that off my chest. Ever since I tried my first craft beer when I was a student at the University of Virginia, I have been on a quest to find and sample the most creative, exciting, and sometimes downright crazy brews in the world today. After graduating, I have spent a year travelling Europe on what I call my “Beer Odyssey.” It has taken me to the original sources of the greatest drink on earth and allowed me to sample some of the rarest and oldest beers out there. As a Certified Cicerone through the Cicerone Certification program, my passion is great beer. However, what is good beer without good friends with which to share it? My goal with this blog is to help both casual and enthusiastic beer drinkers navigate the increasingly complicated beer aisle at local grocery stores and the ever-growing beer lists at various restaurants. With the dozens of styles and product offerings available in the market today, it’s easy for the average drinker to be overwhelmed by choice and therefore revert to his or her old stand-bys. This blog will serve as a guide to the wonderful world of beer to help that drinker find new products and styles to suit any occasion, season, or taste and highlight some of the most beguiling and creative products in the market today.

Some say that outer space is the final frontier of exploration; I say it doesn’t take billions of dollars and a fancy scuba suit to explore a new world. Welcome to the World of Beer!

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